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    About me

    Name: Waldeck Schützer
     Office: Universidade Federal de São Carlos, UFSCar
    Departamento de Matemática
    Rod. Washington Luís, Km. 235, P.O.Box 676
    13565-905 São Carlos, SP - Brazil
    Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Rutgers, USA, 2004
    M.Sc. in Mathematics, ICMC-USP, Brazil, 1996
    B.Sc. in Mathematics, ICMSC-USP, Brazil, 1993
    Main interests: Lie Theory and Combinatorics
    Other interests: Photography
    Electronics (Portuguese pages)
    On the net:
    Waldeck's math genealogy
    Waldeck on google
    Waldeck on orkut
    Waldeck on Photo.Net

    My public key

    Here you can grab my GnuPG public key. You might want to use it to verify signed e-mail you received from me or to send me encrypted e-mail which only I and nobody else will be able to read. Other than that, it might probably just scare your dog or something.

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