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    “Nothing is perfect,” sighed the fox.
    -- The Little Prince and the Fox

    This page is long outdated.

    Public Utility

    • Click Fome - One click that can help feed the hungry in Brazil
    • The Hunger Site - Another click that can help feed the hungry in the world

    Computer Graphics



    • The Geometry Center - Awesome geometry visualization projects. I just cannot believe the physical facilities of the center were closed. The website still exists though and continues to offer downloads of course materials, software and multimedia related to geometry. The award winning computer animation Outside In is a must-see illustration of the amazing discover, made by Steve Smale in 1957, that a sphere can be turned inside out by means of smooth motions and self intersections, without cutting and pasting
    • The Mathematical Atlas - A comprehensive archive of mathematical subjects and areas indexed according to the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) Scheme
    • GIMPS - The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search. Help find a new Mersenne prime number and put you name in mathematics history books
    • Mersenne Prime Freeware - Share and Enjoy
    • Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves - A good database of plane curves that goes beyond the mere illustration, discussing some technical issues


    Rubik's cube related stuff

    •  Lecture Notes On the Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube (text version) - This is a very usefull resource to help you understand the beautiful mathematics inherent to the cube and have a grasp on its amazing complexity. It is self contained and assumes very little knowledge of the mathematical foundations. A very good site
    •  InterMountain Communications Rubik Cube - A very nice java applet to play with the classic 3x3 cube
    •  Rubik's Cube Page - Another very nice java applet capable of simulating cuboids. Java source code is included
    •  Rubik's Cube Solution - Solving the cube for speed, illustrates the so called Petrus Method
    •  Rubik's Online - New Rubik's Cube Solution (printable)
    •  Solving the Rubik's Cube Systematically - This site can actually help you to find your own solution of the cube


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