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    A picture is worth a thousand words
    -- Proverb

    Besides Mathematics, Photography is one of my greatest passions. For the past few years, I have become increasingly aware of the beauty and amazing possibilities of Photography.

    Photography is an art and a science in its own right, and anyone who wants to become accomplished with it ought to spend a great deal of time studying and practicing.

    Only with a certain amount of sacrifice will the photographer understand the real difference between taking and making pictures. And even so he will have to struggle with the incredible number of variables involved.

    This page used to host a gallery containing those pictures I like the most. However, after a while I realized the amount of work I was putting on it was growing beyond what I could afford.

    Therefore, I decided I would move them to one of these new and exciting places where photographers can be members of a big community, where they can keep their portfolio for free, make their pictures available for rating, and share them with viewers all around the globe.

    One of these exciting places is Photo.Net, and now my pictures are there for everyone's ejoyment. To view my pictures, please follow this link. Once you are there, you can take your time and register with them. It is free and it will allow you to rate pictures and write comments, if you like.


    • Correção de perspectiva usando o hugin (in Portuguese) - um tutorial sobre como corrigir distorções de perspectiva e distorções causadas pela lente usando o programa de código aberto multiplataforma hugin.

    • Criando uma foto panorâmica simples com o hugin (in Portuguese) - tutorial ensinando a usar a ferramente de código aberto hugin para criar uma imagem panorâmica simples a partir de duas fotos tiradas de um mesmo lugar e com alguma sobreposição.

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