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    Temperature Charts

    This page is an experiment at making function charts using SVG and html. To visualize the contents of this page correctly you will need a svg-enabled browser like firefox 1.5+ or a suitable svg plugin. Furthermore, because this page was written in HTML-4 your browser has to understand iframes.

    The graph below shows the temperature (in Celsius) as recorded inside of my office during the past 4 days using this nice thermometer. The temperature is now 24.6C/76F . To smoothen out the data and reduce the noise, a Savitzky-Golay filter of order 4 and 97 coefficients was applied.

    The red horizontal line shows the 4-day average temperature. By examining this chart carefully, you can make a good guess as to when I am in or out of my office.

    The data is being continuously acquired and processed on an old, trusty Sun Ultra 10, with a TI UltraSparc IIi (Sabre) cpu and 1Gb of RAM running Gentoo Linux 2007.1 and kernel 2.6.23.

    Updated on  Mon Jul 15 13:27:35 2013
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