Graduação em Matemática

Coherence resonance in influencer networks

Palestrante: Tiago Pereira
Universidade de São Paulo 

Data: 19/10 
Horário: das 10:00 às 10:40

Resumo: Complex networks are abundant in nature and many share an important structural property: they contain a few nodes that are abnormally highly connected (hubs). Some of these hubs are called `influencers' because they couple strongly to the network and play fundamental dynamical and structural roles. Strikingly, despite the abundance of networks with influencers, little is known about their response to stochastic forcing. Here, we show that subjecting influencers to an optimal intensity of noise results in enhanced network synchronization.  This new network dynamical effect, which we call 'coherence resonance in influencer networks', emerges from a synergy between network structure and stochasticity and is highly nonlinear, vanishing when the noise is too weak or too strong. Our results reveal that the influencer backbone can sharply increase the dynamical response of complex systems.

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