Inscrições ao Pós-Doutorado

Two Postdoctoral positions, in all areas of Mathematics, are open at the Graduate Program of the Department of Mathematics of Universidade Federal of São Carlos (PPGM-DM-UFSCar), under the framework of the program PNPD-CAPES. The PNPD-CAPES Scholarship is governed by Ordinance No 086, issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. For details, see the website (in Portuguese).

The candidate's application must be supported by a member of our Program, who will act as Supervisor. A full list of current members of our Program can be found in here.

Applications from foreign candidates are welcome.

Interested candidates must submit the following documents by e-mail:, to Prof. Edivaldo L. dos Santos, Head of the Graduate Program:

  1. Updated CV.
  2. Certificate of doctoral defense, which must have occurred less than five years prior to the implementation of the fellowship. Candidates currently enrolled in a doctoral program are welcome to apply – implementation of the fellowship is conditional to successful completion of the degree though.
  3. Research Plan covering a period of 12 months.
  4. Letter from a member of our Program supporting the candidate and accepting being the candidate's Supervisor
  5. Names of, at least, two senior scientists willing to provide a letter of recommendation on behalf of the candidate.

The selection will be made by a panel comprising Professors of the PPGM-DM- UFSCar.

Additional Comments:

  1. The value of the fellowship is 4.100,00 BRL per month.
  2. Health insurance and travel expenses are NOT covered by the fellowship or the PNPD Program.


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