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Os artigos abaixo foram aceitos para publicação de acordo com a revista citada em cada item. Clique no título do artigo para ter acesso ao preprint.


On Hamiltonian minimal submanifolds in the space of oriented geodesics in real space forms.
Autores: Nikos Georgiou e Guillermo A. Lobos.
Revista: Archiv der Mathematik.

Zero sets of equivariant maps from product of spheres to euclidean spaces.
Autores: Denise de Mattos, Pedro L. Q. Pergher, Edivaldo L. dos Santos e Mahender Singh.
Revista: Topology and its Applications.

A quantum ergodic theorem for mapping class groups action on character variety.
Autor: Julien Korinman.

On the collapsing along deformations of hyperbolic cone three-manifolds.
Autor: Alexandre Paiva Barreto.
Revista: Kyoto Journal of Mathematics.

A characterization of singular packing subspaces with an application to limit-periodic operators.
Autores: Silas L. Carvalho, Cesar R. de Oliveira.
Revista: Forum Mathematicum.

A correction to the paper “Injective mappings and solvable vector fields of euclidean spaces”.
Autores: F. Braun and J.R. dos Santos Filho.
Revista: Topology and its Applications.

Isochronicity for trivial quintic and septic planar polynomial Hamiltonian systems.
Autores: F. Braun, J. Llibre and A.C. Mereu.
Revista: Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems.

(H,G)-coincidence theorems for free G-spaces
Autores: Francielle R. de C. Coelho and Edivaldo L. dos Santos.
Revista: Topology and its Applications.

On the spectral Hausdorff dimension of 1D discrete Schrödinger operators under power decaying perturbations
Autores: V. R. Bazao, S. L. Carvalho e C. R. de Oliveira.
Revista: Osaka Journal of Mathematics.

Correlation Dimension Wonderland Theorems
Autores: Silas L. Carvalho, César R. de Oliveira.
Revista: Journal of Mathematical Physics.

Semi-global solvability with loss of one derivative of partial differential operators on surfaces
Paulo Cordaro e Jorge Hounie.
Revista: Advances in Mathematics.

On polynomial submersions of degree 4 and the real Jacobian conjecture in R^2
Autores: F. Braun and B. Oréfice-Okamoto.
Revista: Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications.

Norm resolvent approximation of thin homogeneous tubes by heterogeneous ones
Autores: César R. de Oliveira and Alessandra A. Verri.
Revista: Communications in Contemporary Mathematics.

Periodic traveling wave solution for non-homogeneous BBM and KdVB equations
Autores: Marcos A. de Farias, Cezar I. Kondo e José Ruidival dos Santos Filho.
Revista: Nonlinear Analysis Series B: Real World Applications.

Global L^q - Gevrey functions and their applications
Autores: Ziad Adwan, Gustavo Hoepfner, Andrew Raich.
Revista: The Journal of Geometric Analysis.


Bourgin–Yang versions of the Borsuk–Ulam theorem for p-toral groups

Autores: Wacław Marzantowicz, Denise de Mattos and Edivaldo L. dos Santos  

Revista: Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications



Generalized Kotani's trick for unitary operators.

 Autores: Cesar R. de Oliveira and Wagner Monteiro



Zeta-determinants of Sturm--Liouville operators with quadratic potentials at infinity
Autores: Matthias Lesch, Boris Vertman, Luiz Roberto Hartmann.
Revista: Journal of Differential Equations.



Non-negative deformations of weighted homogeneous singularities
Autores: J. J. Nuño-Ballesteros, B. Oréfice-Okamoto, J. N. Tomazella
Revista: Glasgow Mathematical Journal

Generalized Nehari manifold and semilinear Schr\"odinger equation with weak monotonicity condition on the nonlinear term
Autores: Francisco de Paiva, Wojciech Kryszewski and Andrzej Szulkin
Revista: Aceito para publicação em "Proceedings of the AMS".

Título: Involutions fixing many components: a small codimension phenomenom
Autores: Pedro L. Q. Pergher e Patricia E. Desideri
Revista: Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications.