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preprints 2011


  • 28/2011

S. Berhanu and J. Hounie
On vector fields in the plane with the reflection property
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society

  • 27/2011

T. de Melo, L. Hartmann and M. Spreafico
The analytic torsion of a disc
Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry

  • 26/2011

Cesar R. de Oliveira, Alessandra A. Verri
On norm resolvent and quadratic form convergences in asymptoticthin spatial waveguides
Proceedings in the book series "Operator Theory: Advances andApplications" da Birkhauser

  • 25/2011

F.O. de Paiva e Marcelo Montenegro
The Ambrosetti-Prodi type result to a quasilinear Neumann problem
Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society

  • 24/2011

Gustavo F. Madeira e Arnaldo Simal do Nascimento
Bifurcation of stable equilibria and nonlinear flux boundary condition with indefinite weight
Journal of Differential Equations

  • 23/2011

Arnaldo Simal do Nascimento e João Biesdorf
Count and symmetry of global and local minimizers of the Cahn-Hilliard energy over some cylindrical domains
Advanced Nonlinear Studies

  • 22/2011

J. J. Nuño-Ballesteros; J. N. Tomazella
Equisingularity of map germs between curves
Mathematische Zeitschrift

  • 21/2011

A. Alexandrou Himonas, G. Petronilho and L. A. Carvalho dos Santos
Global analytic, Gevrey and $C^{\infty}$ hypoellipticity on the 3-torus
Mathematische Nachrichten

  • 20/2011

N. V. Chemetov and L. K. Arruda
Lp-solvability of a full superconductive model
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications

  • 19/2011

Roberto A. Prado, Cesar R. de Oliveira
Sparse 1D discrete Dirac operators I: Quantum transport
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

  • 18/2011

Francisco Odair de Paiva
Nonnegative solutions of elliptic problems with sublinear indefinite nonlinearity
Journal of Functional Analysis

  • 17/2011

Arnaldo Simal do Nascimento and João Biesdorf
Global and local minimizers of the Cahn-Hilliard functional over a parallelepiped: with and without constraint
Milan Journal of Mathematics

  • 16/2011

F. O. de Paiva
Nonnegative solutions for indefinite sublinear elliptic problems
Communications in Contemporary Mathematics

  • 15/2011

L. K. Arruda, F. O. de Paiva e I. Marques
A remark on multiplicity of positive solutions for a class of quasilinear elliptic systems
DCDS Supplements

  • 14/2011

S. L. Carvalho, C. R. de Oliveira, R. A. Prado
Sparse 1D  discrete Dirac operators II: Spectral properties
Journal of Mathematical Physics

  • 13/2011

J. Hounie and T. Picon
Local Gagliardo-Nirenberg estimates for elliptic systems of vector fields
Mathematical Research Letters

  • 12/2011

Evelin Meneguesso, Patricia E. Desideri e Pedro L. Q. Pergher
Involutions whose fixed set has three or four components: a small codimension phenomenon
Mathematica Scandinavica

  • 11/2011

Rafael F. Barostichi & Gerson Petronilho
Existence of Gevrey approximate solutions for certain systems of linear vector fields applied to involutive systems of first-order nonlinear pdes
Journal of Math. Analysis and Applications

  • 10/2011

G. Hoepfner, J. Hounie and L. A. C. dos Santos
On the Extension of h^p-CR distributions defined on rough tubes
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

  • 09/2011

Rafael F. Barostichi, Paulo D. Cordaro & Gerson Petronilho
Analytic vectors in locally integrable structures
Contemporary Mathematics

  • 08/2011

V. L. Carbone, C. B. Gentile & K. Schiabel-Silva
Asymptotic properties in parabolic problems dominated by p-laplacian operator with localized large diffusion
Nonlinear Analysis

  • 07/2011

J. Hounie and E. R. da Silva
Existence of trace for solutions of locally integrable systems of vector fields
Contemporary Mathematics

  • 06/2011

R. Callejas-Bedregal, M. J. Saia & J. N. Tomazella
Euler obstruction and polar multiplicities of images of finite morphisms on ICIS
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

  • 05/2011

S. Berhanu and J. Hounie
A class of FBI transforms
Communications in Partial Differential Equations

  • 04/2011

Pedro L. Q. Pergher
A Coincidence Theorem for Commuting Involutions
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society

  • 03/2011

Cesar R. de Oliveira & Alessandra A. Verri
On the spectrum and weakly effective operator for Dirichlet Laplacian in thin deformed tubes
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

  • 02/2011

Heather Hannah, A. Alexandrou Himonas & Gerson Petronilho
Gevrey regularity of the periodic gKdV equation
Journal of Differential Equations

  • 01/2011

A. Alexandrou Himonas & Gerson Petronilho
Real-valued non-analytic solutions for the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society