Preprints - DM

preprints 2017

 A Hopf lemma for holomorphic functions in Hardy spaces and applications to CR mappings
Autores: Shiferaw Berhanu e Jorge Hounie
Revista: Journal d'Analyse Mathematique

Equisingularity of map germs from a surface to the plane
Autores: J. J. Nuño-Ballesteros, B. Oréfice-Okamoto, J. N. Tomazella
Revista: Collectanea Mathematica

Neumann problems with resonance in the first eigenvalue
Autores: Francisco Odair de Paiva e Wallisom Rosa.
Revista: Mathematische Nachrichten

Invertibility of nonsmooth mappings
Autores: Montenegro, M. S. e Presoto, A. E.
Revista: Arkiv för Matematik

Erratum to "The vanishing Euler characteristic of an isolated determinantal singularity"
Autores: J. J. Nuño-Ballesteros, B. Oréfice-Okamoto, J. N. Tomazella.
Revista: Israel Journal of Mathematics

On the uniqueness of solutions for Kawahara type equations
Autores: Marcos A. de Farias, Cezar I. Kondo e José Ruidival dos Santos Filho.
Revista: Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society

A local Hopf lemma and unique continuation for the Helmholtz equation
Autores: Shiferaw Berhanu e Jorge Hounie.
Revista: Communications in Partial Differential Equations

Global $L^q$ Gevrey Functions, Paley-Weiner Theorems, and the FBI Transform
Autores: Gustavo Hoepner e Andrew Raich.
Revista: Indiana University Mathematical Journal