Workshop on Pdes 2022 - Ederson

On the solutions of the Hénon equation

Prof. Ederson Moreira dos Santos
Universidade de São Paulo 

Date: 14th February 13:30 pm - 14:15 pm (UTC -3) Link: PPGM/UFSCar Youtube channel

Abstract: The Hénon equation, used for modeling some phenomena in astrophysics, is an excellent prototype for the qualitative analysis of solutions of elliptic partial differential equation. In this talk I will address the following topics: The critical exponent for the Hénon equation; The symmetry of special solutions; (and mainly) Qualitative properties of radial solutions, where we establish the relation between the Hénon posed in the open unit  ball of N, for all N ≥ 2, and the Lane-Emden equation posed in the open unit ball of R2