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References on LaTeX

almost are freely distributed.
  1. Oeticker, T. et al., The (Not so) Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e (2008), CTAN.
    Several translation for other language is available, but almost one is not updated. Thus, recomended to read the original version (English one)..
    Note: It keep updated anytime and explain uniformy on all basic topics. It present rapidly some important packages as beamer, TikZ/pgf, etc. This is most popular free LaTeX manual on the world and is one of best laTeX book..
  2. Andrade, L. N. Breve Introdução ao LaTeX 2e (2000), MAT-UFPb. Portuguese document. The copy on the CTAN is in Post Script (remember that postscript will converted to PDF via ps2pdf).
    Note: The explanation over inclusion of external image is nice. It has (I not know in recent year) most important LaTeX reference in Brazil, but is is not updated on several years. If does not explain uniformy on all topics, but concentrate in some specific tópics. If want the portuguese reference, will used in conjunction to [1].
  3. LaTeX 3 Project Team, LaTeX2e for Authors (2005)CTAN (It is distributed by aall TeX systems. Explain over some important concept on LaTeX2e, relative to older LaTeX). It list the base/required packages that included any TeX distribution, helping the person that want to typeset document portable to any TeX system.
  4. Keith Reckdahl, Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e (2006), CTAN. It is most important reference for external image inclusion on LaTeX document.
  5. Torsten Martinsen, LaTeX2e Help (2008), CTAN. The HTML Help version for windows becames as part of help in almost of LaTeX editor for Windows. Is does not it, recomeded to download to consult LaTeX2e commands.
  6. American Mathematical Society, "User’s Guide for the amsmath Package", 2002, on the site The amsmath package (included in any TeX), is very recomended to typeset mathematical material in the efficienty form.
  7. Tutorial Team for the Indian Tex User Group, Online Tutorials on LaTeX (2000)TUG (online). If want to download, need to perform chapter by chapter.
    Note: It explain more detailled form on some specific topics. In the part of mathematics, explain over amsmath (note that the  [1] include amsmath now on 2008). The inclusion of external images and use of BibTeX is nice too, but it is not updated, perphaps due to [1] that became very complete in recent version.
  8. Tim Love, LaTeX2e Maths and Graphics (2006). it is over mathematics and inclusion of external images, but dows not has version for downlolads (only online versions).
  9. Sheldon Green,Hypertext Help with LaTeX (1997),NASA (documents similar to [5].
  10. Petr N. Vabishchevich, LaTeX Help e-Book (2000), CTAN(HTML Help for Windows, included in help fo TeXnicCenter. It inludes several material cited here and some others, but several ones are outdated.
  11. Packin S., The Comprehensive LaTeX Simbols List (2008), CTAN. contain almost 5.000 symbols.
  12. Goossens, M. et al., The LaTeX Companion, seccond edition, 2004, Adilson Wesley. Only as printed books.
    Note: It is most complete LaTeX books on the world, and writeen by actual LaTeX maintainer. The Chapter 3 (basic formating) and Errata are downloadable from TUG's Books section.
  13. Lamport, L., LaTeX: A Documentation Preparation System, 2nd edition, Addison-Wesley, 1994. It is bit outdated, but is written by creator of LaTeX. Available only as printed books.
  14. Graham Williams, The TeX Catalogue Online, CTAN. If above link present some problem, use the copy on CTAN)
  15. Other important ones: CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network), TUG (TeX User Group), LaTeX Project.
  16. LaTeX Tips & Tricks, over laTeX and LyX realted.
  17. Wiki Book, LaTeX,


  1. LaTeX symbol hand writen recognition service.
  2. Handwritten formula recognition that generate LaTeX/MathML code.
  3. Convert any image to any image.
  4. SVG graphics editor in java script